GeneFo Partners with Vogmask to Offer Stylish Way of Avoiding Air Contaminants

GeneFo Partners with Vogmask to Offer Stylish Way of Avoiding Air Contaminants

GeneFo, a social-medical community for people with genetic-related conditions such as cystic fibrosis, recently entered a partnership with Vogmask, a Seoul, Korea-based maker of reusable filtering masks against airborne contaminants for general use, and for people with breathing difficulties like those experienced by CF patients.

Designed with style in mind to improve compliance in those who need such masks, the “vogmask” is currently in final assessment for the most progressive European Union (EU) safety certificate.

Pulmonary infectious diseases originating from bacterial, viral, and fungal pathogens affect millions worldwide. Such infections also pose considerable risk for patients with respiratory conditions, such as CF, leading to disease exacerbations and worsening lung function.

slideshow_1The vogmask is composed of an exhalation valve system and a carbon filter, which together with its nanofilter textile, facilitate breathing in CF patients, while filtering air pollution and protecting users against germs and other contaminants.

“The partnership with Vogmask is not a commercial one, and GeneFo is not to gain any revenue from it. Rather, our motivation, as a medical platform, is to highlight resources/products that could benefit our Cystic Fibrosis community, and secure it for the lowest price possible,” Adi Bein, a vice president at GeneFo, said in a release provided to Cystic Fibrosis News Today. “With Vogmask, we have repeatedly heard from both patients and parents that the ease of use, comfort, and design has increased willingness to wear protective masks when risk of contamination is high. In fact, younger patients mention how the embarrassment that is sometimes associated with ‘looking sick’ in public, has been replaced by a playful fashion statement.”

She added, “This is of course not only heart-warming to hear, but also medically significant, as younger (and fashionably older!) patients end up protecting themselves more” by using the mask.

“I ordered it for my 16[-year-old] daughter, primarily to protect her from the winter cold air, or in place of the disposable masks when going to doctor appointments where CF patients are required to wear masks. This mask is much easier to breathe with than the disposable masks, due to having the exhale valve and carbon filter,” said Mrs. Brock, mother of a CF patient, in the GeneFo release.

GeneFo also announced that it is offering CF patients a 50 percent discount on the vogmask. More information on the discount is available through this link to the community’s website.

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