14 Cystic Fibrosis Therapies


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To improve the quality of life and increase lifespan, early detection is paramount.  Developing a comprehensive regime of treatment is necessary, along with close monitoring over time.  It is best for patients to be treated at CF clinics, which are available in a number of communities.

There are a number of CF therapies which patients may be prescribed for the lungs and also for the digestive tract.

Lung therapies:

There are antibiotics for the prevention and treatment of lung and sinus infections.

1. Inhalers are available to open airways.

2. DNAse enzyme therapy – The mucus of CF patients contains a considerable amount of DNA, which is released from white blood cells as they die.  This enzyme cleaves DNA in the mucus, thereby breaking up the mucus in the lungs.  The CF patient then becomes able to cough up more mucus, making for a more productive cough. It is available in aerosol form.

3. Breathing in mists of high salt concentrations aids breathing (breaks down mucus).

Learn more about how researchers are looking into whether Tai Chi improves breathing for people with cystic fibrosis.

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