9 Famous Cystic Fibrosis Patients


2. Alice Martineau

Alice Martineau was a popular British pop singer and cystic fibrosis sufferer who died in 2003 at 30-years-old. During her lifetime, she was a successful singer and model, and she defeated death many times. Despite the young age of her death, Alice Martineau was told on many occasions that she would die much younger. She was also the subject of an hour-long documentary called “The Nine Lives of Alice Martineau,” produced by the BBC. Roughly a year before her death, Alice wrote an article for The Daily Telegraph’s Saturday magazine, about the wait for a life-saving triple transplant.

“Even now, I don’t think of myself as being all that ill, but I suppose that I am,” she wrote. “I am attached to a machine that gives oxygen to me day and night. I only digest about two-thirds of what I eat so I also have a tube in my stomach. I have to have three lots of chest physiotherapy a day. I also have a 14-day course of intravenous antibiotics once a month. I also have to swallow about 40 pills a day. Despite all this, I still tell myself that I am not ill – but someone is trying very hard to tell me the opposite.”

Here are 8 other tips to manage your cystic fibrosis.

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