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31 Days of CF: My Mom Has CF, But It Doesn’t Have Her

Photo courtesy of Bailey Anne Vincent Day 31 of 31 This is Kage LaBarbera’s story: My mom has cystic fibrosis. The disease basically makes my mom’s lungs fill to the brim with slimy mucus, not unlike the stuff in Disney’s “The Princess and…

31 Days of CF: CF Made Me a Better Man

Photo courtesy of Ric Sherman Day 30 of 31 This is Ric Sherman’s story: Mutual friends had been trying to set us up for over a year. They even put together a PowerPoint presentation about why we would be a good match with very similar…

31 Days of CF: A Grandmother’s Love Is Boundless

Photo courtesy of Amy Hamilton Day 26 of 31 This is Allison Steeves’ story: When families grow, the circle of love is expanded and, at the same time, the circle of worry; the two go hand in hand. Spring 2020 began with the exciting announcement…

31 Days of CF: The Unexpected Side of Trikafta

Photo courtesy of Luisa Palazola Day 25 of 31 This is Luisa Palazola’s story: Three months before I started Trikafta, I went to Colombia with my FEV1 at 62%. Toward the end of my trip, I coughed up blood on the side of…

31 Days of CF: A Port Implant Gave Me the Push I Needed

Photo courtesy of Della Anne Day 24 of 31 This is Della Anne’s story: Ports are a common accessory if you have cystic fibrosis. After most of the veins in my arms had been used up from Picc (peripherally inserted central catheter) lines, my doctor…

31 Days of CF: How I Manage CF with ADHD

Photo courtesy of Aimee Lecointre Day 22 of 31 This is Aimee Lecointre’s story: Cystic fibrosis is hard, for an infinite number of reasons. One area I struggle with is compliance. There’s a lot that goes into managing CF on a daily basis:…

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