Everything’s Coming Up 65 Roses – a Column by Nicole Kohr

A Spoonful of Sugar: My Diabetes Diagnosis, Part 1

First in a two-part series. Turns out a spoonful of sugar did not help the medicine go down. Instead, it aggravated my steroid-induced diabetes. Allow me to provide a little background. Based on issues I had throughout childhood, such as food sensitivities and digestive issues, my pediatric team suspected…

New Year’s Resolutions for the Chronically Ill

At the start of each new year, I try not to have regrets from the previous year, especially as related to my cystic fibrosis. “Forget about that handful of medication you missed,” I’ll tell myself. Or, “So what if you didn’t stick to your diet!” Then, I’ll watch an old…

How Chronic Illness Affected My Education

In a previous column, I explained that I was diagnosed with mycobacterium abscessus — one of the deadliest infections for cystic fibrosis (CF) patients — in my junior year of college, and how that was one of the many times that my chronic illness affected my education. I was…

Finding Peace With My New Body Means Accepting Change

Have you ever heard the phrase “I can’t slow down or I’ll stop?” I’ve always operated that way. I’ve always been accustomed to pushing myself and “sticking it to the man.” This gave me energy. More importantly, I was afraid that if I slowed down and accepted my situation —…

‘Blow, Nicole, Blow’: My Journey With PFTs

“Are you ready for your pulmonary function test, Nicole?” the respiratory therapist (RT) would ask. My answer was always no, I was never ready for the test. In fact, I’d panic over it for at least a week, clinging to the possibility that my lung function somehow had…

‘Satisfied’ (With My Care)

If you’ve ever been hospitalized, you likely received a survey upon discharge that asked, “Were you satisfied with your care?” Patient satisfaction is important because it helps hospital staff produce patient data, create new initiatives, and enhance transparency. I’ve been to many hospitals over the course of my career…

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