• Well Bailey, for a 74 year old woman I’m doing quite well. Thanks for asking. 😊 I have to tell you all about Kelly’s fiance’s nephew. I’m not sure what his name is, but a couple years ago (approximately) he was diagnosed with CF at the age of either 13 or 14. His mom, who grew up with Kelly and my youngest daughte, says his CF is affecting his liver. Have any one of you ever heard of the liver being affected by CF. If I understood mom right, the boy doesn’t take enzymes and doesn’t do therapy. I thought that so unusual.

    • Hey Becky, so in short: yes! My liver is impacted, personally, and I have a lovely close friend who just had a liver transplant due to her CF. Here is a news piece that was done on her recently by a journalist friend of mine… It’s really worth the watch! I am currently on liver meds for mine, and we watch it closely- but it really only bugs me at unexpected moments currently, and we believe it’s connected to my pancreas too. I’m curious how many others have had liver impact?

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