14 CF Online Resources that Might Help You

13. News For Parents

News For Parents


News For Parents is a website that offers basic information, expert advice, and the latest news on advancements to treat CF

Do you know what lungs and a tennis court have in common?  Find out here!

14. Starbright World

Starbright World


Starbright World is an online community for teens with cystic fibrosis or other serious medical conditions

Here are 6 Cystic Fibrosis Organizations You Should Know About.

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  1. CHARLES says:

    lets get some better treatment for CF in the UK
    feel like we are being left behind 47 y.o. and still relying on Ciprofloxacin 500mg x 2 daily which i was taking when i was 16 y.o. iv not seen any new treatments over here(except dornase)?.Physios only show you how to wash your nebulizers when i was a kid we got postural drainage ,and inhaled salt we made ourselves.we still get nebusal 7% great improvements NOT ,so many died iv known may they rest in peace x

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