• QUESTION: How do you handle criticism about your health and body?

    I wrote a column discussing my anxiety with encountering trolls online, and can’t help but wonder… how does one become a troll? Do trolls even know they’re trolls?

    In my case, the most negative people are often those that are also sick, despite assuming we’d be the most compassionate. We should know, above everyone else, that no one experiences sickness or its impacts in the same way. And, frankly, no one should.

    So why do we all criticize one another for being even the slightest bit different? What has that ever achieved in the history of achievements?

    Even so, we are all entitled to our opinion. Heck, if someone said I’m a terrible writer, or bad dancer, or had questionable bone structure, or use too many ellipses… I would understand their right to these feelings. However, when someone attacks another for their actual biology- their genetic material and mass- I don’t really get the point?

    Can I take that critique and fix my DNA? Nope. Can I make you feel better about what I can’t control (my body), which in no way impacts you and your body? Not really.

    I would much rather be disliked for the great many things I need to work on and improve (ellipses not withstanding), than for the matter that doesn’t really matter to most.

    What about you?

    • When I read this column, I felt parts of it in my soul! I’ve always had the burning desire to be liked by people, and I hate conflict of any kind! So when a stranger on the internet says something unkind, I always wonder what I’ve done wrong. I have a really hard time letting go of it!

      Logically, I realize that their comments have more to do with themselves than it has to do with me… but those comments still sting. In the last year or so, I’ve done a lot of self-reflection and actively worked on caring less what others think. It’s super difficult, but I’m trying…

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