• Janice Hankins posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Grand Daughter in Hospital with Distended Belly. Her Lungs are fine. She is 2 years old this is the first time she has been in the Hospital.

    • Update on 2year old grand Daughter. she went to the Hospital for the Norovirus IV treatment and went home. 2 days later my daughter brought her back in. She was constipated and the treatment the Doctor was giving her caused more harm than good. She was given laxatives and suppositories. She saw the GI Specialist, and He said to stop all treatments. She will only be taking Stimulant Laxatives. It should resolve on it own
        • Janice, this all sounds so frustrating and I’m sure a bit scary for all involved. Sending love to you, your daughter, and your sweet granddaughter! I hope for a smooth and full recovery.

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