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  • Your experience is unremarkable. Pleurisy as Paul says is often not visible on XRay. With CF pleurisy is not unexpected.
    Unfortunately CF’ers often have symptoms and problems dismissed as such, not just chest pain but many of the comorbidities that go with CF. My wife who has persisted with CF now for 78 years often experiences such dismissive attitudes – often put in the ‘too hard basket’. She would not have been diagnosed as having CF if we had rolled over and just accepted what some Doctors said. Still fighting to getting her Cardiomyopathy treated, her nasal problems treated, what is the best way to treat her hyperparathyroidism and so on. We find the extreme fragmentation of medical services a serious threat. Specialists often have no understanding beyond their narrow specialty (and often don’t want to think outside their box).
    CF Physicians need to be good general physicians – Yes with expert understanding of the lungs – but much more as every cell in the body is affected by the faulty CFTR gene.

    • Tim- like Paul said and I think like I’ve said before… CF patients should definitely be given consideration and support for their hearts! I so agree! And I don’t know why we aren’t?

      I am a heart patient and have an ICD and am on a diligent amount of heart medications. I really had some scary moments in the ICU before we figured out what was up with my heart, and kept thinking: “This can’t be right. My heart?!?” but my actual (lovely) CF team was far less surprised about it, as the two seem to go hand in hand more often than we think.

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