• Oh! CF! So complex. Great to hear your story Judy and sorry about you failing to get pregnant.
    We do tend to blame the thick mucous for everything wrong in CF but it does not answer a lot of questions. Why do CF persons have so many drugs that they don’t tolerate? Why so many co-morbidities? Are they CF caused?
    Heart disease was considered as not being caused by CF yet more and more are being found with such and not just coronary artery disease but cardiomyopathies too.
    Adrenal malfunction has long been recognised in persons with CF that too often are found to be hypokalaemic needing Potassium infusions. Is that the result of intracellular electrolyte inbalance?
    Osteoperosis is also found in CF’ers often put down to inadequate Calcium intake/absorbtion. But is that the reason? Or is it a result of Parathyroid Gland issues caused by high intracellular calcium in the Parathyroid cells? Probable but as yet we do not know?
    We need fantastic CF Physicians, not just with a very good knowledge of CF pulmonary disease but with very good knowledge of general medicine willing to investigate the unknown.

    • So true… and I have heart disease too! I have an ICD (pacemaker and defibrillator) since 2015, and am on two heart medications that I take without fail. Finding all of our strange commonalities is reassuring, for sure

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