• It’s not that my doctor is bad. I love my doctor and she’s been my doctor since I was 4 or 5. However, I’ve slowly grown frustrated with the team around her. I know it’s not her fault, but when is the right time to make a switch?

    • Phew, this one is tough. I have had to make a switch before because I didn’t like the head doctor, even though I liked the team (to me, if the doctor and I don’t gel, it’s really hard to overcome, you know?) But I’d say that if your feelings about appointments and the team is making you dread or even want to cancel appointments… it’s time to switch. (Heck, I want to cancel appointments even when I love the doctor so we need all the encouragement we can get!)

      I also sometimes have to remind myself that we only get one life, and no guarantee of how long that life will be… so if something isn’t working for us – as with any other relationship in life – we definitely deserve to “shop around” and find something that does.

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