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I am a musician at my core, but have worked in the tech industry with a focus on music and audio. In the corporate world, I have led the design of synthetic voices (TTS and recently AI synthetic voices); I developed and led the audio and music group of an educational toy company; and I was a composer & sound designer for the famous video game company, Atari Games. Before my corporate life, I earned my living as an independent musician, performer and music teacher.

I grew up dedicated to my love of music. I also grew up with terrible allergies & sinus issues and chronic constipation. I was a thin kid, in spite of a good p and eating habits. As a teen, I never filled out. As an adult, my gut became more & more problematic. I dealt with it as best I could, monitoring and changing foods, etc. I had a few bouts with bronchitis (and once pneumonia) that were undoubtedly more than that. But the mysterious gut issues and constipation were what become worse and worse.

At 66 my energy was slipping, but I figured friends were right: that I’d bounce back when I retired and shed the stress of a corporate gig. But I retired, and it turned out my fatigue was just a sliver of it – “everything CF” was coming to a head.

I am only recently diagnosed & under care for CF, so my CF bio is as yet to be written.

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