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  • I recently brought up the issue of lung pain and mentioned that mine is oftentimes unexplained. Since then, I started having new unexplained pain in an area I generally don’t experience it.

    Two days ago, I began experiencing pleurisy in the morning and throughout the day, it increased tremendously. My partner and I considered a trip to the ER (it was that bad) but due to all things COVID and the fact that I live in a rural area with no pulmonary specialists around, we closely monitored my symptoms and oxygen saturation and waited until morning to call my CF team.

    Yesterday (day 2), the pain was still there, but significantly less intense. Throughout the day, it had almost disappeared, but returned in the evening and increased A TON when I did my nighttime treatment. Once again, I monitored vitals and went to sleep.

    Today (day 3), the pain is quite a bit better, but still present. I got a chest x-ray at my local hospital. The report in my health app says that the results are “unremarkable.” Just…. nothing worth commenting on, apparently. Those results will be sent to my CF doctor who will then determine the next step. I’m not certain if she will be able to view the x-ray and make her own determination or if she’ll just be sent a summary of results. Either way, I’m frustrated that there was nothing abnormal – not that I want a diagnosis of pneumonia or something similar, it would just be nice to have an answer.

    Do you ever feel like some of your biggest pains (literally) are… unremarkable? Are there times when the answer, or lack of an answer, drives you crazy? That’s definitely how I’m feeling tonight!

    • YES. Wow. This post almost made me cry (to be honest) because I am definitely feeling “unremarkable” right now and like easy answers aren’t quick enough. And often, with further digging, we find whatever the cause is… but it takes SO much effort to get there. So lately I’ve been thinking: “Why did I even complain? Why didn’t I just hide at home and never say a word?”

      It’s exhausting to face down both the lack of answer and the feeling of (at least for me) foolishness at feeling something strongly that no one else can see.

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