• Pets have been and still are important in my life. I never thought about risks/benefits (I should, but just didn’t). But in general the hairs and skins of pets might trigger some airway inflammation as a risk. And a benefit of having a dog in the house (besides having a noble creature around that thinks of me as God), is that it triggers my walking activities which is good for my lungs.
    Cats are also noble, but they think they are God themselves (which is true) and they prefer to go out on their own, so no extra fitness benefits there (unless you chaise them which is silly).

    Currently my wife Debbie and I enjoy the divine company of our little labradoodle dog called Buddha. Wouldn’t miss her for the world. She is an Australian Labradoodle, which means that she is anti-allergic (her coat that is), does not loose any hairs and therefore is eligible for 5 professional haircuts per year and sleeping on the bed with us every night (and she makes use of this privilege!).

    Having nature in your house, in the form of pets or plants, is a great way of staying close to your source, which is benificial to your health in general. If you take care of the normal and well known rules of hygiene, I think it can go together with cf very well, with some exceptions your doctor can advise you about or experience will teach you. If you can’t have pets or plants, don’t despair – just enjoy the nature in yourself, it’s in every breath you take. And remember: you are a nude ape yourself (be proud of your pedigree!).

    May grace be with you.

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