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After being unwell for most of my life with what were quite often at those times, unexplained & baffling symptoms & illnesses, I was diagnosed with CF (late diagnosis in my forties).  Apparently, I have an unusual CF mutation which may possibly help explain why I went undiagnosed for so long. Since then, I’ve been on a steep and continual learning curve and a totally different journey than I ever thought I’d be on, as I’ve tried to adjust to this unexpected diagnosis, the changes it has brought to my life & the lives of those that I love.  I’ve tried to become as informed & proactive as I can be about all aspects of CF & available treatments, am part of a couple of research projects, so that I can become as empowered as I can be as I try & live my life as best & fearlessly as I can while navigating the ongoing physical, emotional & mental challenges that living with CF can bring. Through all the ups & downs of living with CF & there have been many, each & every day I try to choose to feel blessed & live with gratitude for what I do have rather than what I don’t, as I don’t the want the fear & uncertainty of my journey with CF to rob me of the joy of living today. Thank you for establishing this forum as I’m sure it will be beneficial for all of us in so many ways as we find & offer support to each other as we all continue to travel on our CF journeys. I look forward to contributing to it as positively and as much as I can.

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