• Hi Bailey, hi Jenny,
    Becky Fox here again. I will take a chance in speaking for Kelly by saying that half of the few times she has been hospitalized throughout her life has been due to gastrointestinal complications. The other times were needed “clean-outs”. So I guess the time has been equally divided. The differences, pain wise, centered on her gastrointestinal system. She experienced excruciating and debilitating distress each time she was hospitalized for this reason (which, if memory serves, was two times). The last time was four years ago, and both times were for bowel blockage. The visit four years ago required the administration of morphine in the ER. What really frightened me was the possibility of a ruptured appendix. Xrays did show that her appendix was enlarged somewhat, and it was suggested that it be removed. Turned out that idea was eventually scrapped, while the doctors continued to treat the blockage. As I have said many times Kelly has truly been blessed by God. Her hospitalizations have been few and far between. Now that she has been taking Trikafta, she is beginning to know what life is like without CF. Her CF doctor has taken her off of one of her aerosols, and one vest session a day. We are looking forward to the day she can ditch the medication sessions completely. 😊

    • Becky, this is so amazing!!! Thanks for sharing a bit about her history (it’s actually reassuring to me in a kindred-spirits sort of way that she also had some GI muckery, as we can relate to one another). I’m curious as her Momma… Are you often able to be there with her during past hospital visits, or do you have to support from afar? I know it’s so different for everyone, based on proximity and so much more. My parents, for example, are rarely ever there in person (my hospitals are all pretty far away), but they help me astronomically by distracting my girls and keeping them healthy and sound in the instances I’m away!

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