• Hi all,
    I had dinner with Kelly a few days ago, and asked her about her Creon intake. She said she hasn’t been taking fewer capsules (is it in capsules?) since starting Trikafta (takes 5 with meals). Also she drew a blank when I asked her about her electrolytes. She said she has never been informed about them. She also said she hasn’t had any gut pain post Trikafta. Hope that answers your questions. Till next time, take care. 😊

    • Thank you so much Becky! That is really encouraging about Kelly and her stomach pain (and yes, I guess we call Creon capsules, right? Although I’ll admit- I sometimes still break them open and swallow the contents quickly that way, which is an old habit from a former stomach surgery when they were hard to swallow! lol) How have you been personally, during this time? Hope you are well!

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