• Becky Fox posted an update 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Bailey, Kelly’s body image doesn’t really make me reflect affect my own body image at all. All my girls were quite thin growing up, and I fluctuated. I was so thin (and pale) when I was a young adult, that people sometimes thought I was sick, though I never had anything worse than a bad cold in those days. I guess I have always been aware of how I must look to others, but never in comparison to Kelly or her sisters. I am definitely heavier than I was 50 years ago, but then, the girls also are heavier than they were 25 years ago lol. 😀 In fact the youngest is having liposuction soon (I don’t know why she thinks she needs it though, she isn’t fat). I mean, if anyone needs lipo, it’s me!! The two oldest girls don’t seem to worry about weight too much. They take their body image in stride. It’s the two youngest ones that worry. I have never been satisfied with certain aspects of my body, but this is what God gave me…sigh. 😏 Hope you are doing well. Talk to you later.

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