• Snow and mountains, or sand and sun… Fact is, I must have it all.

    I spent my childhood on a small island in SE Alaska on the edge of The Misty Fjords. Pacific Ocean on one side, mountains rising in the back yard. Salmon, eagle, bear, raven, deer, ptarmigan, ancient cedars, towering sitka spruce, moss, muskeg…this was my playground. However, I wanted to see the outside world so in 1976 I left my home and enrolled at university in Seattle.

    After university, I worked as a U.S. diplomat living and working in foreign countries. I was intrigued by the developing world and those were the countries I chose to work in. Unfortunately, they were also extremely polluted environments (airborne soft coal/dust storms/fecal matter/etc) and this had a dibilitating impact on my lung quality.

    At 33, I was medivaced from north africa with what was assumed to be be severe tuberculosis. Massive hemoptosis, raging fever, freightening weight loss. Although unable to culture TB because all I produced was blood, I managed to survived that situation with the serendipitous intervention of cipro (one of the 4 meds I was given for the suspected TB infection). My second medivac was 3 years later from Nicaragua. Same symptoms. Upon arrival at Walter Reed Medical Center it was pretty obvious that TB was not the problem. Thereafter, a long shot sweat chloride test confirmed that my issues were, in fact, CF related…my foreign service career was over.

    Time to forge a new path. Alaska was out because I needed a CF center nearby. So, I looked at all the options and chose Seattle. It has been my home since. Why?

    Every day I breath the cleansing air of the vibrant puget sound. Across the sound I waits the Olympic rain forest and her snow capped mountaintops. To the north of this temperate rain forest awaits the tangle of the San Juan Islands. To the south I see the magestic Mount Rainier. To the north rises her snow capped sister Mount Baker. 45 miles to the east I am embraced by the Cascade mountains. Over those mountain passes I drop into the high desert sage and sand of Eastern Washington.

    Drive 1 hour in any direction and I commune with one of the many forms of mother earth. And my soul and spirit are nourished by her. I live the moments of my life here. The past informs me but the present sustains me. The future? Well, why worry when you can be happy.

    The ramblings of a 65 year old CFer.

    • This. Is. Fascinating.

      As usual, I wish you could write a book about your life. Thank you for every word! I honestly felt transported

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