• The looks I used to get during my CF clinic visits when I wore my N95 mask.  The freight I used to sense from the general public when I wore that mask outside the clinic.


    Post-covid it’s a different story.


    I’m comfortable with social distancing and mask wearing.  I’ve practiced this as much as possible for many years.  Covid just legitimized an existing desire to protect myself from the greater human environment and still live in the world.  When Covid broke I wore the mask to protect myself and to protect others from my potentiality.  For an entire year, whenever possible, I stayed home.  I wore a mask and was considered either brilliant or inane by the world at large.  But I was NOT looked at as a menace to society.  It was Covid we were talking about not some hidden disease.


    Fortunately, my partner and children have all been vaccinated.  My grandchildren (all under 8 years old) practice social distancing and they wear a mask in public whenever indoors.  This is their culture now.  In response to Covid, we controlled our little world with a family agreement.  Because of this, we feel relatively safe when we are together.  We will continue this way to a great extent until we feel society has reach an acceptable level of risk.


    Lest you think I’m some sort of introvert let me put that to rest.  I’m as outgoing as the next person.  I can speak in public with ease.  I like to express my opinions (for what they are worth).  I don’t mind being a little showy.


    Social distance and wearing a mask have nothing to with my social self.  This is my desire to control the air I breath and the environment I live in, and I don’t intend to change.  For the uncontrolled environment I’ll follow these rules:  indoors — mask up and keep my distance; and, outdoors, watch the environment and if it gets too uncomfortable, well, on will go the mask.


    I do have to stop confronting the unmasked and unvaccinated.  It is a waste of time and energy.  Their empty arguments have already been dropped in my discard pile.  You are what you choose.  Your judgment is rendered by your action.  You are a threat to others but by adopting my strategy you are not a threat to me.  You care only for yourself.  You have no sense of a greater human good.  I have already written most of you off to the dregs of the human condition.  Harsh but if it fits wear it.


    Social distancing and masks and vaccines are not novel to those us who live with CF.  This has been the most non-lethal flu season we have seen in a long while.   It is no mystery.  Wash your hands often (even though that is not so much a Covid thing), keep your distance, wear a mask in confined spaces.  It all adds up to better health and a safer environment for those of us to live with CF.

    • I could not be more appreciative of your words and your perspective, thank you. You said “You are what you choose” and that really struck me, as did the approach of thinking ‘What can I control? Myself’ and focusing on that instead of the selfishness or upset around us (depending on your beliefs about the current crisis, of course). Thank you thank you thank you!

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