Dealing with Invisble Illness: A Real Story

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Recently Lauren Rowe shared her personal story of one of the many downsides of dealing with an invisible illness.

The story became a internet phenomenon with many people sharing the post wanting to raise more awareness to these hidden conditions that are not easy to deal with.

Lauren has cystic fibrosis. She has had a double lung transplant and also suffers from diabetes and osteoporosis.

She uses a disabled sticker because she needs to park her car in the disable parking spot, since she has limited energy and shortness of breath.

Recently, when she came back to her car she found an awful written note assuming, just because she walked unaided from her car, she wasn’t worthy of using this parking spot.

Read the full post in her own words and share the story to help raise awareness on invisible illnesses.

And remember: “Next time you see me or someone parked in a disabled spot with a visible sticker perhaps you can inquire face to face about your doubts, so they have a chance to educate you and not leave an anonymous note. I also hope you did something nice in the world today and not just tear down someone else’s.”

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