Understanding Nonsense - a Column by Willian Ryan

William is a former standup comedian from the Garden State, New Jersey. He manages cystic fibrosis caused by a rare nonsense mutation, plus cystic fibrosis-related diabetes. William and his wife, Gina, live with their two dogs, Otis and Ruby. Through his column, “Understanding Nonsense,” William bridges his humor, love of sports, and pop culture. William writes to advocate for all of those with CF, especially those with rare mutations.

What Is Survivor’s Guilt and How Do We Process It?

There is never an ideal way to encounter survivor’s guilt. It’ll be foisted upon you like a dumpster on your front porch. It’s unnecessary baggage that you didn’t know you’d have to carry, but now it’s here. I think it’s ultimately a selfish feeling, but sometimes we all have selfish…

Living With CF Does Not Make Me a Hero

In a 1993 commercial for Nike, NBA star and 1992 Olympics hero Charles Barkley declared, “I am not a role model.” The commercial was controversial and garnered backlash, but Barkley was right. He wasn’t a role model. Although a lot of the country, myself included, adore Barkley’s ability…

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