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Wendy is a vivacious young adult who’s passionate about living life despite battling cystic fibrosis. She loves going on adventures with her husband, Andy, and their dogs, Finn and Felix. Wendy is very active in spreading awareness about CF through her blog and social media — “The Living, Breathing Wendy.” She also helps through the CF Foundation where she can, both nationally and locally.

Wedding Planning with Cystic Fibrosis

You’ve somehow found someone to walk through the life that is a cystic fibrosis life without scaring them off. Great! Now, how the heck do you go about planning a wedding that is fun, special, and undamaging to your health? This is a dilemma that I dealt with…

The Guilt of Being Sick

Guilt. It’s a feeling I’ve had to process a lot lately. It’s something we all deal with from time to time. Maybe it’s due to a forgotten meeting, the dirty dishes piled up in the sink, or stumbling to bed without a kiss goodnight. Things happen, we are…

Progression, Personality, and Perseverance

Cystic fibrosis has slowly, but surely, been creeping and nosing into parts of my life previously untouched. Just the other day I was watching a morning routine video on YouTube. All I could think was, “Wow. That looks like such a nice and productive morning. I should…

How to Beat Brain Fog

As I sat down to write my column for this week, a massive wave of writer’s block hit me. This has been plaguing me for a while. Great timing, right?! I started five different column pieces, each of which I would get a solid start…

Medication Side Effects: Necessary Evils

The CF community is no stranger to the fact that medications that we put into our bodies, especially the powerful ones, do not come without risks. However, they are necessary evils to battle cystic fibrosis. Lately, my battle with cystic fibrosis has been riddled with these powerful,…

Do I Have Trouble Planning for the Future?

Editor’s note: “Path Unknown” is a new CF News Today column written by Wendy Caroline each Monday. My clinic used to hand out questionnaires at check-ins to see how patients were doing. I always chuckled to myself when I came across the question, “Do you have trouble…

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