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      Jenny Livingston

        It’s Women Crush Wednesday! Today we’re honored to share a little of Olivia’s story. Olivia is 24 and from Greensville, SC. Be sure to respond to her question in the comments!

        ❤️ I was not diagnosed with CF at birth. I had a fairly normal young childhood, but when I was 9 years old, I caught the flu. After about a week, I was still having a hard time leaving the couch and I still had a bad cough. That terrible cough lasted an entire year and ultimately led to my diagnosis.

        ❤️ I grew up in Ohio and went to college near my hometown for Environmental Science and Botany. I absolutely love animals and being outdoors. I always incorporate hiking, walking dogs and yoga into my exercise regimen.

        ❤️ I liked to pretend that I didn’t have CF through high school and most of college. I kept it a total secret, except for a few close friends. It wasn’t until recently that I started to have a lot of problems with CF and wasn’t able to hide it anymore. In the last year, I’ve had 5 hospitalizations (coming up on 6) and been on countless rounds of oral antibiotics.

        ❤️ While it has been a rough year, it has also taught me so much. I have learned the strength of myself and my family. I have also learned to advocate for myself and others, which is so incredibly important. I decided that I wanted to share what we go through for the people that don’t want or can’t have a voice. I recently began using my Instagram as a way to connect with other CF patients, while also educating and raising awareness. I have met and talked to some of the most inspirational, amazing people in the world. I’d like to thank you for being such an amazing, uplifting and strong community to be a part of. I am humbled.

        Question: You all inspire me, but I would like to know… what inspires you? 

        Originally posted on Instagram. 


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