• When a Role Model Is Lost…

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on September 2, 2020 at 2:21 pm

    I wrote about Chadwick Boseman’s death last week (the actor who played The Black Panther, but didn’t share a photo of just he… I shared one of my Aunt Joyce, as well. Both passed away on the same day, and both deserved to be remembered. Though I didn’t do the best job of writing about either (I wrote a lot about Chadwick’s need to hide his illness in order to keep his job as a tragic call for change in all of us), I always find it weird when we share a face of someone we didn’t formally know above someone who was intimately part of our lives.

    To me, it would be disingenuous to just share Chadwick’s face (knowing it would get better views and shares had I done so), then to write what rings true for me and those I love.

    As a content creator (because that’s what writers are), it’s my job to get views… clicks… foster conversation, even when I don’t want to. But as a person, a niece… It’s my job to not place one human life over another.

    This made me wonder: Who has been one of your biggest public role models for achieving great things regardless of health?

    Chadwick will inevitably join the list for many, but his passing (and it’s implications on male diagnostic health, the treatment of BIPOC sufferers, and chronic illness in general) has giving me a lot to ponder, so I plan on diving further into this the rest of the week!

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