Pro-ficiency Launches ProPatient — A New Way to Educate CF Patients, Caregivers

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by Patrícia Silva, PhD |

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Pro-ficiency training

Pro-ficiency has unveiled a new approach to educating and supporting U.S. cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and caregivers using its new platform, ProPatient.

Pro-ficiency, based in Durham, North Carolina, provides online training technology for clinical trials. It platforms use real-world simulation scenarios to educate clinicians and physicians.

ProPatient, which uses videos to integrate people into a “choose your own adventure” type of simulation, helps patients search medical information, ask a virtual clinician questions and role-play different scenarios to improve their knowledge and skills.

Its CF program was funded through a grant from Denver-based National Jewish Health, which helped create the program. Also kicking in funds was pharmaceutical firm Vertex, whose CF drug Orkambi is a combination therapy (Kalydeco and lumacaftor).

JoAnne Schaberick, co-founder of Pro-ficiency, said the program “will provide CF patients and their caregivers with medical information from some of the top providers in the country, but clinical information is simply not enough.”

Among other things, the program helps identify treatment options and addresses side effects of specific treatments. It also encourages patients to stick to their treatment plan, emphasizing the importance of communicating efficiently with their CF healthcare team.

“As a CF patient, I’ve had many successes as well as wishes for do-overs. ProPatient learning modules are great tools to maximize your or your loved one’s health,” CF patient advocate Jason McDonald said in a press release. “I’ve benefitted greatly from open communication with my CF care team and continually asking questions. These videos are great for keeping up to date about medical advancements as well as for coming up with questions for doctors.”

Added Cathy Chacon, nurse coordinator at National Jewish Health: “It is really important that CF patients understand the medical management of their disease. Patients are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team, and we rely on their opinions and feedback to help guide care decisions.”