16 Cystic Fibrosis Tattoos That Will Inspire You

Learn more about cystic fibrosis symptoms.


  1. My granddaugther had CF , She Passed Away On March/26/2016, She Was 18, Looking Forward and Worked So Hard , To Walk Down with her class of 2016 and getting her Diploma from High School & Going To College To Get Her PHD, Sadly She Didn’t,She Was A Week Away, She Had A Double lung Transplant When She Was 9, She Never Felt Sorry For Herself & Didn’t Want Her Friends To Know,Or Be Her Friend Because She Was Sick, She Put A Video On YouTube , 10 Things About Kaitlyn Grannon, I Hope And Pray That Anyone Reading This Will Take The Time To Watch It, SheHas A 15 yrs Old Sister With CF, So Am Praying It Works For CF Patients,,, Please Watch Her Video, It Tell You What Kind Of A Beautiful Angel That She Was And Still Is,,

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