Edinburgh Drama Troupe Crowdfunding For Cystic Fibrosis Performance

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cystic fibrosis play and crowdfunding

cystic fibrosis play and crowdfundingCreative Electric (CE), a performance company in Scotland, is launching a fundraising effort to support a new project, a theatrical performance entitled, “HEY, I’M ALIVE!” that gives voice to a character who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, according to a recent post on the North Edinburgh News (NEN) website.

On CE’s crowdfunding webpage, the company explains that the idea came from the fact that one member of the team suffers from the disease. Their close contact with this reality gave them access to information that they’re aware isn’t commonly known.

To the NEN’s Heather Marshall, CE’s director explained that the company is trying to create a theatrical performance that demonstrates the impact that the disease has on patients, family, and friends. In addition, CE also hopes to raise awareness for the disease.

One of the characteristics of CF is that people suffering from it are highly vulnerable to infections, a fact that turns socialization into a very hard deal. This will be the principal focus of the show.

HEY, I’M ALIVE! will be performed by five actors, according to the company, who will be trapped inside a balloon with a thin layer of latex protecting them from infection. The audience will have the opportunity to interact with them and listen to their stories.

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In order to fund the show, the organization launched a crowdfunding site to “help pay for the live streaming, Jordan’s travel & support and childcare costs for one of our emerging artists who is also a young mum,” explained Marshall to the NEN.

In return, the company will give to its sponsors services like a drama workshop in local schools or community groups, an opportunity to spend a day working with director Heather Marshall on a crowdfunder’s own short piece of theatre, a CD of the HEY, I’M ALIVE! soundtrack, and cupcakes baked by CE’s baker and artist.

The show will be performed at The Arches in Edinburgh on the 10th & 11th October at 6pm.

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