Cystic Fibrosis: Essentials for Hospital Stays

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Patients diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) may need to spend quite a bit of time in hospital for examinations or treatments, which is why it’s important for patients to realize what they may need and pack ahead. In this video, a 16-year-old cystic fibrosis sufferer and vlogger shares her own experience with the disease and hospitalization essentials.

“I hand picked a couple of things that I think are just things that you should take to the hospital with you,” said the teenager in her YouTube channel Cystic Fibrosis Fighter before being admitted to the hospital for a week of physiotherapy and IV treatments. She starts by showing a travel bag where she carries sanitary items, including sanitary towels, hand and face moisturizing creams, deodorant, cotton and micellar water, a towel, makeup remover, lip balm, and makeup.

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Regarding clothing, it’s important for patients to bring comfortable pajamas or lounging clothes, as well as a supply of underwear and socks. Women may find it helpful to bring nightgowns or nightshirts instead of pajamas sets with pants. Short-sleeved shirts can accommodate IV lines easier while a cardigan-style sweater or bed jacket can help with the chills. Slippers are also essential for walking around the hospital.

The teenage cystic fibrosis patient, who loves reading, beauty and fashion, continues talking about clothing, which is mainly comfortable and fresh and includes leggings, pajamas, a gym outfit for the physical therapy, and sneakers. The youngster has also packed other objects for entertainment such as music, DVDs, and a book in her suitcase.

It’s also important that patients remember to pack their health and insurance documents, a small amount of money for anything they might want such as newspapers or magazines, or food and drinks from vending machines, eyeglasses if needed, writing paper and pen for notes or questions, a prepaid phone card to make calls from the hospital’s payphone, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, deodorant, soap, shampoo, a comb or hair brush, and other toiletries from home, something to be entertained with, and photos or small personal items.

Regarding a cell phone, and other electronic items such a laptop, tablet, portable DVD player, MP-3 or CD player, it might be better to check the policy of the hospital before bringing them. In some cases, these might be forbidden due to the risk of interference with electronic patient monitoring equipment. If the hospital does not forbid electronic objects, don’t forget to bring the chargers.

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