CFer Ben Mudge Reacts to “Fault in Our Stars” Couple’s Tragic Deaths


In this video, bodybuilder Ben Mudge reacts to the painful news of the death of fellow cystic fibrosis patients Katie and Dalton Prager.  The young married couple, both with cystic fibrosis, tragically died within five days of each other in September. Their story touched hearts around the world.

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Clearly struggling to contain his emotion, Ben tells other people with cystic fibrosis and parents and families of those with the disease, that cystic fibrosis is a “horrible, horrible thing” but they can take comfort in the fact that “this thing does not kill people all the time.” With his heart aching for the couple whose illness’ became too hard to beat, he encourages others like himself to never lose hope.

Meet Ben Mudge the bodybuilder, fitness guru, and self-confessed comic book geek who tells us why cystic fibrosis sucks.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I truly loved Ben’s video. I hate the subject, but I love his passion. If I am blessed to live until next month, I will be 55 and living with CF. You can only imagine how many friends and acquaintances I have seen leave this world because of this disease. Keep fighting Ben. Keep your passion for life and your connection to family and friends. I have had an amazing life and even at times have been thankful for my disease. I know that sounds strange. If it weren’t for this disease I would never have met some of the most amazing, strongest, intelligent people who are fighting to live just as I am. Sometimes I feel a small sense of guilt because I have had such an amazing life. Then I realize, it’s what we do with what God gives us that sets the course for our lives, not the amount of days we are here. I have come close to dying many times, but when I rebound, I only come back fighting harder. Thank you for this video Ben. My heart aches for the family of these two beautiful people. I can only hope that while they were here, they truly “LIVED”. My best to you for a long life.

  2. Mary T. Hart says:

    Well put my dear. I attended Dalton’s wake shortly after my daughter Judy Hart died at age 19 after her second double lung transplant due to cystic fibrosis. Dalton’s mom was Judy’s nurse on numerous occasions. There are so many levels of severity with this dreadful disease so I get what you are saying.

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