Using the Alphabet to Explain Cystic Fibrosis to Children

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Young children with cystic fibrosis may find it difficult to explain their disease to their peers and why they’re a little bit different than their friends. In this educational video from the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in the U.K., school children with CF share some fundamentals about the condition.

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The video aims to educate school-aged children about cystic fibrosis, including what it is and how patients are affected by it. The children explain that they can live a normal childhood as long as they look after themselves, which involves taking their various medications, doing chest physio, eating more than their classmates, performing daily exercises, staying away from friends when they are ill and attending various doctors’ appointments. The A-Z of cystic fibrosis also covers some of the emotions children go through and how they mentally cope with having CF.

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