31 Days Of CF: I Tried Something New And Found My Passion

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Photo courtesy of Rachel Reschke

Day 29 of 31

This is Rachel Reschke’s story:

Hello! My name is Rachel and I am 29 years old.

Growing up, I was compliant with my cystic fibrosis (CF) regimen but there was one thing I despised and avoided: exercise. I did not like how uncomfortable it felt and I did not have any motivation at the time.

I eventually found my desire to grow and to learn how to dance! When I signed up for free classes at my high school, I finally felt what is described as “flow” — my feet carried me and I enjoyed the challenge and the breathtaking experience. Dancing and the activities I tried became an outlet to escape. They helped me take my mind off the trying challenges that came up in my life.

I soon found my body becoming stronger and I found new ways to challenge myself. Additionally, the number of times I was hospitalized decreased significantly.

Fast forward, and here I am today — a personal trainer, manager of a corporate fitness facility, and group exercise instructor. Why? Because I tried something new and found my passion. It is because of exercise and changing my nutrition habits that my health greatly improved.

Having cystic fibrosis makes it difficult and uncomfortable to get physical activity and exercise, but I discovered what matters is we do what we can — with what our bodies will allow — and we find what we enjoy, while pushing ourselves a little. No matter the level of difficulty or activity, whether it is playing a favorite sport, hiking, rock climbing, or attending a class — the options are limitless — finding what fulfills us is what matters.

Finally, remembering and finding gratitude helps me on both the good and bad days. Remembering where I was, how far I have come, and the things that truly matter align my focus. Focusing on this gratitude helps me get one more rep or set in, carry a smile when I teach any class, and removes any guilt when I need a recovery day. Gratitude, in fitness or any part of our life, is a powerful drive that propels, excels, and improves our quality of life.

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