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31 Days of CF: Mothers, Go With Your Gut Instinct

Fizzy Clark’s son, Felton, 4, takes digestive enzymes to help him absorb nutrients and gain weight. (Courtesy of Faith “Fizzy” Clark) Day 31 of 31 This is Faith “Fizzy” Clark’s (@thefizzbit) story: Imagine looking at your newborn child and having a gut…

31 Days Of CF: Our Son’s Journey Through Diagnosis and Treatment

Bautista Torres (Photo courtesy of Jessica Torres) Day 28 of 31 This is Jessica Torres (@jessi.v.torres) and Bautista’s story: Cystic fibrosis entered our lives without permission, turning everything upside down. After a more than weeklong hospitalization with oxygen for acute bronchitis, Bautista (then almost 3 years old)…

31 Days of CF: I Want to Live Fully

Photo courtesy of Ashley Wilson Day 24 of 31 This is Ashley Wilson’s story: “I want to live life to the fullest.” This is a common phrase, but how many people actually live by it? I think that everyone with cystic fibrosis can relate to…

31 Days of CF: My Service Dog, a Miracle ‘Gift From God’

Elizabeth Knight with her partner, Antonio Dominguez, and service dog in training, Piper. (Courtesy of Elizabeth Knight) Day 22 of 31 This is Elizabeth Knight’s (@65roses_poodle) story: This is my story about cystic fibrosis and seizures. Although I’ve always had CF, I started having…

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