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Reflecting on the First Year of Parenthood

With my son’s first birthday fast approaching, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how quickly this first year of parenthood has gone. I know this is the most basic parenthood thing you can say, but here I go: It. Went. Too. Quickly. It feels like we’ve just…

9 Ways to Support Someone You Love with CF

Being in a relationship with someone who has CF can be tricky, whether as a co-worker, friend, partner, or family member. It can be hard to know exactly what to do to support them when you aren’t sure what they are going through. Following is a list of simple acts…

My CF Cough Barges into Normal Experiences

Two Christmases ago, my husband gave me a gift certificate for a massage. This week, I finally scheduled my first massage and cashed in the expiring gift. The timing felt designed, as my body is aching from inflammation and lugging around a 10-month-old baby boy one-third my size. I even…

Tidying Tips for Low-energy Days

We all have those days with CF when the coughing is nonstop and the energy has fizzled long before the clock sounds noon. Unfortunately, low-energy days don’t magically retract our responsibility to lend a hand around the house. Maybe you are a parent chasing chaotic babies and tripping over blocks…

Surviving Home IVs As a Mom

I’m no stranger to home IV antibiotics. Actually, if I am being completely honest, I think we have gotten a little too friendly over the past decade or so. I prefer to do home IVs because I am one of those patients who goes a little nuts after being trapped…

My Motherhood Journey: An Introduction to Modern CF Mama

Before the food-splattered kitchen floors, overly enthusiastic smiles, and nursery rhymes; before babbling “dadas” or “mamas” filled our living spaces; and before the arrival of my blond-haired, blue-eyed baby-treasure, there was just me. I am a college graduate sorority girl and an eternal optimist who is constantly sipping my glass-half-full…

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How I Discovered That PTSD Was Causing My Post-transplant Struggles

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Columnist Lara Govendo addresses an issue that several readers may relate to: post-transplant PTSD, which can wreak havoc.

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