Breathe and Believe — Kate Delany

A banner for Kate Delany's "Breathe and Believe" column that depicts a pair of lungs with flowers blossoming from them.

Kate is the older sister of an adult, post-transplant CFer. She’s authored two books of poetry titled “Reading Darwin” (Poets Corner Press) and “Ditching” (Aldridge Press). As a freelance writer with a focus on health and wellness, parenting, and social justice, her work has appeared in publications such as Parents, Romper, Dismantle and The Salve. Her poetry has been featured in such literary magazines as Barrelhouse, Jabberwock Review, Poetry Quarterly, Room, Sky Island Journal and more.

She lives in Southern New Jersey with her husband, Seth, their two kids Samara and Felix, and their two cats Potato Chip and Mischief. When she isn’t busy writing, she is usually reading, gardening, or sewing. Read more of her work at or, and follow her on Twitter at @delany_kate and on Instagram at @katemdelany