Teresa Carvalho, MS, science writer —

Teresa holds her Master of Science in cell and molecular biology from Coimbra University, Portugal. She was a researcher and science communicator for several years at the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health in Oporto, Portugal. From 2013, she has held a fellowship working with Pulmonary Hypertension Europe as a patient advocate, social media/website manager, public relations officer, and translator. Her work has been focused on providing patients access to treatments, raising awareness for pulmonary hypertension, and promoting patient empowerment.

Articles by Teresa Carvalho

Bronchoscopy Plus BAL Safe Way of Checking Lung Health of Patients

Using bronchoscopy to examine the airways and the surrounding tissues of people with cystic fibrosis, coupled with the collecting of lung fluid through bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), is safe and a reasonable alternative when sputum samples are not possible, a study reports. Adult patients participating in research reported mild side effects…