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    I shared a bit about preparing for surgery in a post yesterday, but started thinking about the “timing” of medical procedures, and what a delicate balance it can be.

    I’ve had surgeries where no one could be there overnight. I’ve had times where I worried about getting a ride to or from. And I’ve had other times when it happened during a holiday break or a low-work load month, and I had many loved ones to lean on.

    Currently, I have a lot of stress with timing. My husband is looking for a job (interviewing everywhere he can)- as his teaching contract was not renewed post pandemic- and it’s scary all around. We have faced worse… but man, wouldn’t it be nice if we got paid surgical leave? (lol)

    It sounds spoiled, but I wish I could stock up on things (groceries, a working vacuum, a fuzzy new blanket) before going in, but we just can’t. I’m so lucky that one of us has always had a job, or has always hustled really hard to keep/find one… So we have never apathetic. Still, there is much we cannot control when it comes to timing!

    Have you ever been in the hospital during a difficult time in your life?

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