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      We all have ways of escaping from the harsh realities that surface with CF. Heck, I’d even say the everyday, mundane realities that are a part of CF need a form of escapism. I think for me, what helps me is writing and connecting with myself — whether that’s through spending time on the trails, meditating, or working out.

      I think making an effort to work on me using my mind or body, allows me to separate from the disease and any other difficult things I deal with. But, I think it’s really important to also find a space to process, accept and let go of the hard stuff too. Even though with CF that often means revisiting and reanalyzing the hard stuff, because it kinda never goes away.

      So what is your daily retreat from the struggles of this disease?

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      Jenny Livingston

        This week in particular, I’ve found myself needing this kind of retreat. Something that gets overwhelming for me at times is the online CF world. This past week I’ve delved into creative projects, books and podcasts, and I’ve spent a ton of time outside with my animals. These things always bring me joy and peace, but this week I’ve really used them as a distraction while avoiding much engagement with the world of CF. Sometimes an act of self-love and self-preservation is taking a step back for a bit.

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