Brothers Start 15,000-Mile Cross-State Walk for Cystic Fibrosis

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Harrington brothers A Journey to RememberMore and more people are turning to daring, extraordinary feats to call much-needed public attention to orphan diseases such as cystic fibrosis (CF), a debilitating and life-threatening hereditary condition that affects about 70,000 individuals throughout the world. A pair of brothers have recently committed themselves to raising awareness for CF by walking 15,000 miles across the country.

Based in Florida, Clayton and Rick Harrington, have begun their long journey in the name of CF and the commitment to live a healthy lifestyle. They started the cross-state walk in New Port, Florida, and will be following the entire length of the country’s border, crossing 33 states, until they return home. So far, the brothers’ first sponsor is Albany-based company PLR, but they are calling on others willing to donate as well.

Clayton shared that he and his brother plan to walk roughly 50 miles everyday, which may take as long as a year. The two will not be seeking hotel accommodations, but will be camping outdoors. The brothers even have plans to go fishing along the way and just live out of their backpacks, as they began the walk with only $26 in their wallets.

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 “Anyone who says that they are going to jump off the couch and say they are going to walk 15,000 miles, you better prepare for it because this first 2 weeks was rough.”

They are currently going through Texas. They have passed Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. So far, their journey has given them spider bites, a jellyfish sting, tick bites, and sunburn, but they are having a great time more than anything.

You can keep track of the Harrington’s brothers admirable show of support through their Facebook page: You can also donate to their cause at GoFundMe: