Claire’s Place Foundation Launches Fundraiser to Support CF Families

Since 2011, the nonprofit has given $875K in Extended Hospital Stay Grants

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Claire’s Place Foundation has announced the launch of its fundraising campaign, called #CPFoneinamillion, to support families with cystic fibrosis (CF) during extended hospital stays.

Since its founding in 2011, the nonprofit has given $875,000 in Extended Hospital Stay Grants to people affected by CF. The new campaign seeks to reach $1 million. Donations can be made online.

“With skyrocketing costs for everything from groceries to gas, the CF community needs us more than ever,” Melissa Yeager, executive director of Claire’s Place, said in a press release.

“The average yearly medical cost per CF patient is $43,000 and the average additional yearly cost of medications per patient is $25,000. Families are pouring their hearts into caring for their children. They go to bed at night worrying about their kids’ health as well as paying bills,” Yeager said. “Please consider making your end of year tax-deductible donation to our #CPFoneinamillion campaign. Let’s make life a little easier for these hard working families.”

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Claire’s Place is named in honor of Yeager’s daughter, Claire Wineland, who had CF. Wineland died in 2018 at age 21.

“My daughter Claire is beaming down on us as we approach the incredible milestone of granting one million dollars in Extended Hospital Stay Grants since our founding,” Yeager said. “As of today, we are $125,000 away from our goal. I know with your help, we can reach it.”

The Claire’s Place Extended Hospital Stay Fund provides financial assistance to families and individuals with CF who have experienced a hospital stay lasting a minimum of 14 consecutive days. The grants are intended to help cover bills and essential costs of living, allowing families to focus on health.

As an example of the kind of support that is awarded through this program, the nonprofit said it has awarded two grants to a family that has five children, three of whom have CF. The family had missed income due to long stays in the hospital, and grants from Claire’s Place helped to pay for their mortgage and repairs to their car.

“My teenage daughters, Kendall and Karyn, are so moved by the power and resilience that Claire had and the special bond a mother has with her daughter, as am I,” said Mara Fortin, a Claire’s Place supporter. “Through Claire’s Place, Claire’s spirit continues to make a daily impact on the lives of others. My daughters and I are honored to support this amazing foundation and encourage others to step up. In fact, we will match all donations up to $75,000, dollar for dollar!”

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