12 Movies about Cystic Fibrosis

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1. Foreverland (2011) 

See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1RY2YyO

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2. Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist (1997)

See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1Lprtmc

3. 65_RedRoses (2009)

See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1OKjHqT

4. Already Gone (2012) (short-film)

See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1QWtZlq

5. The Book of Stars (1999)


See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1GVVNAI

6. Jack and Jill vs. the World (2008)


See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1GrOUw4

7. My Flesh and Blood (2003)

See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1MFXMed

8. Red Band Society (2014-2015) (TV Series)

See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1W5XNxk

9. Alex: The Life of a Child (1986)

See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1hWqsHz

10. CF: Two Little Letters (2011)

See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1MUxcCC

11. The Pros and Cons of Breathing (2006) (short-film)

See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1W72Um7

12. Lifebreath (1997)

See IMDB page: http://imdb.to/1Kq3P4Z


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