6 Tips for Caring for a Family Member with Cystic Fibrosis


3. Quotidian Life of a Family with CF


While the patient is still a baby, daily life has numerous demands, but parents tend to keep them home to watch for the development of the disease. In addition to medication, one of the most important aspects to keep a CF patient healthy is nutrition and the meals for a family affected by cystic fibrosis can be slightly different. Patients need to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and to consume foods higher in calories and proteins to avoid weight loss and malnutrition.

As the patient grows older, he or she will start school, which can be a factor of stress in several ways. For children with cystic fibrosis, the first day of elementary, middle and high school are moments of transition which hold additional responsibilities of managing the disease. Therefore, it might be helpful to discuss strategies with the medical care team and teachers. As an alternative, some parents opt for having their children home-schooled, which can be managed with the help of resources offered by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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  1. Deb Haupert says:

    ACOG recommends pre conceptual testing for all women. Committee Opinion #486.
    Family history need not be present to have a child with CF or a child who is a CF carrier.
    Newborn screening does not identify all carriers.

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