4 Common Misconceptions About Cystic Fibrosis


According to the New York Times, “good decisions start with accurate information.” Here are four of the most common misconceptions non-patients have about cystic fibrosis.


1. Cystic fibrosis can be contagious.

Some people are afraid they’ll catch cystic fibrosis if they are in contact with a patient, but it’s impossible. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that’s inherited from both parents. Cystic fibrosis patients cannot transmit the disease to others.

Learn what not to say to someone living with the disease here.

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One comment

  1. Julie Cecerle says:

    Great article! When I first read the title I remebered a misconception of friends or family members, since I was too young to correctly explain my disease. When I tried to explain that bacteria, growing in wet and humid places, can be very dangerous for cystic fibrosis patients, they often misunderstood what I was explaining and thought I was simply allergic to water. Even though there are people actually being allergic to water, which is obviously something very hard to handle, I like to remember this misconception, because not many people know about CF and it can be very difficult to explain CF in only some sentences.

    Best wishes, Julie

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