Spotlight on Cystic Fibrosis Bodybuilder Ben Mudge

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by Wendy Henderson |

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There are many people in the cystic fibrosis community who stand out for their advocacy and for being an inspiration to others–one of these people is Ben Mudge.

Ben Mudge talks about cystic fibrosis and why it sucks.

The 26-year-old from Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a comic book and superhero nerd, but also a personal trainer and competition-winning natural bodybuilder. Ben has also become the first bodybuilder with cystic fibrosis to grace the cover of the U.K. magazine, Men’s Fitness. He began training as a way to improve his lung function but quickly realized that he enjoyed it and could make himself big and strong, the opposite of the small and weak boy he had been at school due to the disease, the boy who would always be picked last for sports teams.

Ben is a great spokesman for cystic fibrosis and regularly vlogs and Instagrams about the condition and how it affects his life. However, he is always keen to point out that cystic fibrosis is a small part of his life and he won’t let it stop him from doing what he wants to do.

In this video, he shows just how much of an inspiration he is to the CF community. Ben receives a message from a mom in Las Vegas, telling him that her three-year-old son watches his YouTube videos while undergoing airway clearance treatments and wants to grow up to be just like him.

Ben talks about being on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine. 

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