Breathe Easy: A New Community for CFers

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Breathe Easy describes itself as a way of “reinventing the way people look at illness” and considers itself a lifestyle movement. It focuses on raising awareness of cystic fibrosis through its Instagram account, which combines pictures of road cyclists with important facts about CF, and its YouTube account. The video shows a teaser of the upcoming film to highlight their movement.

Meet Ben Mudge, a personal trainer and body builder who won’t let cystic fibrosis get in his way.

It aims to show that physical fitness and cystic fibrosis can go together; to empower other cystic fibrosis patients to realize their potential and to fight against the expectations of the disease. It hopes to change the way people see cystic fibrosis and those who have the condition, and to talk about the disease in a new and challenging way.

Find out about the young CF surfer who came second in a state surfing competition.

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