Travis Flores Shares His Lung Transplant Story on Instagram

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Instagram has become a great platform for sharing inspirational stories of personal courage and bravery. Travis Flores is a perfect example of this. The 26-year-old shares stories about his journey with cystic fibrosis and just last week, penned an open letter to the surgeon who performed his double lung transplant operation.

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In addition, Travis wrote a poignant post about the scar on his chest, a scar that represents the new life he is now able to live thanks to an organ donor. He shares that right now, his new lungs are only functioning at 50 percent due to multiple infections and organ rejection. However, he’s positive and optimistic that the new anti-rejection medication he hopes to start soon will work and that he’ll be able to regain his health. Follow Travis on Instagram here, and follow Cystic Fibrosis News Today on Instagram here.

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