Cystic Fibrosis News’ First Facebook Live Event a Big Success

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In case you missed it, we hosted our first Facebook Live with prominent CF vlogger Lauren Rowe last month and it was a big success. We’ve always been big fans of Lauren’s and her YouTube channel Gifted Life, so we were thrilled when she agreed to take part in our series. She always manages to find the humorous side of living with cystic fibrosis and her dark sense of humor will appeal to anyone with a chronic illness.

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In the Facebook Live video, the plucky Australian talks about her own cystic fibrosis journey, including the fact she had a double lung transplant six years ago. Lauren answers questions from our readers and social media followers regarding a wide range of subjects. She shares the other CF vloggers she recommends and details about her life pre- and post-transplant.

Lauren’s Facebook Live is the first in our series of inspirational CFers. We would love to hear your thoughts on the video.

Anyone you’d like to see on our next Facebook Live? Leave a comment below with their social media handle or YouTube channel.

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