The Freys Share What Life Is Like With Their Service Dog

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The Frey Life is a popular YouTube channel where young couple Mary and Peter Frey vlog each day about life with cystic fibrosis. As Mary’s health declined, the couple decided that they would get a service dog, since the animals have been shown to provide a long list of benefits. In this video, Mary talks about some of the equipment she needs for her service dog, Oliver and how he helps her everyday.

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In this video, Mary and her friend Amanda, who trains service dogs, answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Oliver and service dogs in general.

In this video, Mary talks about taking care of her service dog. Service dogs, like all dogs, need to be taken care of to ensure they are in good health and fit to continue working and helping out their handlers. Mary and Peter show how they groom Oliver and go over some of the medication he takes.

In this video, Mary shows how she looks after Oliver when he has to stay with her in the hospital.

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