31 Days of CF: Self-acceptance Helped Save My Life

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Stephanie Stavros, her son Grey, and husband, Jim (Courtesy of Stephanie Stavros)

Day 8 of 31

This is Stephanie Stavros’s story:

It’s been my experience that living with cystic fibrosis (CF) requires that you prioritize your mental health just as much as your physical health. It’s a delicate balance.

For 34 years, I kept my health struggle a secret. No one outside my direct family and a few friends knew that I was born with CF. For decades, one of my greatest fears in life was the everyone would find out. I was so ashamed.

This all stemmed from a strong state of denial. I naively thought that if I controlled the dialogue about my health, then I controlled the outcome. I didn’t set out to create a storyline full of lies, it just snowballed from trying to keep my struggle private.

I was disappointed and angry in my body. I had nightmares that people would find out about my CF. The weight of the secret was breaking me faster than my disease.

It was too much. I was being evaluated for a double-lung transplant in secret and I was absolutely terrified. Something had to give.

Through therapy and a great deal of self-discovery, I worked tremendously hard to find self-acceptance. I summoned the courage to tell my story on my personal blog, @rosielifewithgrey.

To my surprise, the universe didn’t crack in half when the world knew my secret. The secret that had grown into an all-consuming beast was finally released. I was free of the shame, just in time to raise my voice and fight for my life.

Fast-forward to the present day and I’ve co-founded a CF movement (@cfgetloud) and have publicly shared my story on live shows, podcasts, and books and interviews. It’s amazing what you can do when you let go of self-hate and find compassion for yourself.

Self-acceptance helped save my life. It helped me understand that my life is worth saving and my future is yet to be written. Where would I be today if I stayed quiet?

Share your story. You never know who’s listening. It could change your life and help others feel less alone.


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